Affidavit Templates

6 Important Tips For Writing An Affidavit


An affidavit is an important document that comprises of facts that you need to state under oath, with an affirmation of the information presented being true. A good affidavit needs to provide your judge with sufficient information, to prove your facts. Here are 6 important tips to help you write an affidavit template.


Use simple language


There is no need to use flowery or high sounding language, or pepper your affidavit form with complicated legal terms. Use short, simple sentences to get the message across.


Be to the point


Keep the information as concise and brief as possible. It should be related directly to what you expect the judge to state or approve. Please visit this site to ​​get a sample affidavit in California.


Be clear and organized


Organize your information as clearly as possible, with headings and subheadings if possible. Try to number every paragraph. List all the facts in a proper chronological order. Ensure that your affidavit does not have any typos or spelling mistakes. In case you hand-write the affidavit sample, your writing must be legible to the judge.


Be precise


Number each and every page. Be exact about time and date, name of persons, amount of money etc. Make approximate estimates in cases of facts that you cannot mention accurately.


Use proper format


Every court has an affidavit format of its own. Look at a few affidavit form online templates or contact the staffs at the court where you are trying to submit the affidavit.


Write in first person


Whenever possible, try to write in the first person rather than addressing yourself as “he” or “"the claimant”. It will make things clear for the judge.


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